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Seniors benefit from being outdoors

Although kids always look forward to lazy, fun-filled day summer, the sunny season also holds fun and positive activities for people of all ages. Seniors especially enjoy many perks from spending more time outside during the summer months.  

No matter what the activity is, spending time outdoors is important for the social aspect of senior living. Getting outdoors boosts the amount of social interaction a senior has, helping to improve cognition and mental stability. 

Although physical activity is big benefit to being outdoors, just being outside can do wonders for mental health. Enjoying nature lowers anxiety and depression, and increases the enjoyment of senior living by providing exposure to simple pleasures such as smelling cut grass, hearing the chirp of birds and seeing a garden full of gorgeously blooming flowers.

And don't forget about vitamin D. Unfortunately, levels of this important vitamin are low among seniors. Soaking up some sun can provide a boost of vitamin D which has been linked to decreases in the risk of cardiovascular issues, osteoporosis, diabetes, and it may also help prevent fractures in the event of a fall.

Healthy and consistent rest is crucial to senior living and spending time outdoors can help. We know it reduces stress but it also introduces more melatonin into the system (a hormone that regulates sleep), and provides the opportunity to burn off more energy than most indoor activities. All of this adds up to a deeper and healthier sleep on a more consistent basis.

So when the weather is nice, use it as an excuse to get outdoors and add great benefits to your life.

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